Tandem Teams

Mediators from different European countries form teams to best approach cross-border conflicts.

We help resoluting conflicts across borders, nationalities and cultures by providing a database of international co-mediation teams. What makes our tandem teams special is that they already formed strong bonds through joint training and mediation cases. You will benefit from our hand selected network of teachers, alumni and partners with accumulated expertise from different cultural backgrounds and professional fields to specifically address your mediation needs.

This is what you get from our Tandem Teams

Cross-cultural mediation

Do you have a conflict where different languages, cultures or locations are involved? Book a tandem mediator team covering those languages, cultures, locations!

Interdisciplinary expertise

Are you looking for a mediator tandem team with different expertise to best support you to find a solution to your conflict?

Well-established partners

Would you like to reach out to mediator teams who have trained together, complement each other and know each other well?

Our Tandem Teams

You can filter by language, field of mediation or country of residence.

How to request a Tandem Team

To request a Tandem Team, just take the following 3 steps:

1. Choose your team

Chose a Tandem Team you would like to book for your mediation case.

2. Send request form

Complete the request form on your team’s profile page to let us know about your choice.

3. Get to know your Tandem Team

We will get back to you and put you in touch with your Tandem Team. You can now get to know each other and schedule a first meeting.

A typical job for a Tandem Team:

  • Two teams of one company located in different countries, speaking different languages face a conflict and are looking for someone who can support them solve the conflict and moderate the discussion.

  • However, it is challenging to find a mediator who understands both team cultures, speaking different languages and thus, has an understanding for both teams.

  • If they hire two mediators, one located in one country and one located in the other country, the challenge might be that they do not know each other, have different mediation styles that do not match.

  • The solution would be a mediator tandem team: two mediators who trained with each other in an extensive mediation course and have experience in mediating as co-mediators.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to the most common questions regarding the Tandem Teams:

Why should I book a tandem team?

If you are looking for a co-mediator team who have experience in mediating together, cover different professional expertise, languages and cultures and thus, can respond to your needs in an intercultural, multi-language conflict.

    How can I book a tandem team?

    Please chose a tandem team and contact us via the request form at the bottom of the representative profile page.

      How to get in contact with tandem teams?

      You can get in touch with us and your favorite Tandem Team following the steps statet in the process description.

        Didn’t find what you were looking for?

        If you didn’t find a suitable team for your specific needs, we are happy to help with a personal consultation. Within our network we can find a suitable combination for your specific needs. Just get in touch and tell us more about your intent.