Module 2: Opening of the mediation by mediator

Hybrid training – 23rd to 25th June 2022 (3 days)

This module focuses on how to start a mediation. Furthermore, it reflects on ethics of mediation and you can enhance your communication and questioning skills. Besides that, you can take a tour in the king’s castle.

Certification regulations in Poland

In Poland to become a mediator in civil cases (including civil ones in the strict sense, family law cases, business/commercial and labour/workplace disputes) you have basically three options (assuming you are over 18 years old, you enjoy full legal capacity and full public rights, and are able to write a post-mediation report in Polish):

You may do virtually nothing but advertise yourself if you meet the above-mentioned general conditions. So far there are no formal requirements concerning qualifications to mediate civil cases in Poland.

You can however choose to sign up to a Chief Justice register in one or all of 45 District Courts as a permanent mediator which makes it more likely to receive cases referred to mediation by the court. To be listed as a permanent mediator you should:

  • have knowledge and skills in mediation (no specific requirements, you can provide a certificate from this training)
  • be over 26 years old
  • know the Polish language
  • not have been legally convicted of an intentional crime or tax offense.

You may also choose to validate your qualifications (if you haven’t done it before in any other EU country) and get certified in the Integrated Qualifications System. There you may choose between being certified as a civil, commercial or family mediator. The certifying agencies are private but the certifications are recognized by all entities, both private and public ones. It is foreseen that in 2023 the mediator certification system will become the official mediator endorsement mechanism for court referred civil cases. The certification diploma is valid in all EU member states.

About the institution

Partners Poland Mediation Centre was established in 2001, as a part of Partners Poland Foundation, which is a non-governmental organisation aiming to promote peaceful dispute resolution and democratic ways of decision making. Mediators are well prepared psychologists, sociologists and lawyers. They participated in a number of mediation trainings both in Poland and abroad (USA, Hungary, Norway, Slovakia, UK), as well as in trainings on family disputes, marital conflicts, psychological assistance, etc.

We deliver various types of mediation services – we mediate family disputes, intra-organisational cases, workplace and business disputes, where the parties are referred by courts or come on a contractual basis, out of court. The majority of cases mediated in our Centre are the divorce ones. Business disputes are being dealt with at Business Mediation Centre, where Maciej Tański, head of Partners Poland Mediation Centre, is the director.
We conduct trainings in conflict resolution, negotiation, interpersonal communication, management of organisational change, and, of course, mediation, including Training for Trainers.



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