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Centre Européen d’Arbitrage et de Médiation (CEAM) is a not-for-profit association of professionals established in 1959 under the High Patronage of the Council of Europe and of several other public and private Institutions. Scope of CEAM has been to research, apply and disseminate knowledge, rules and best practices in the fields of Arbitration, Mediation and out of Court settlement in virtually every aspect of human activity. Its current headquarter is placed in Strasbourg (F) but it maintains National Chapters in several Countries, among which Italy, where it was established in 1982. In the field of Mediation CEAM fulfills its main objectives via one of its branches namely the Centre de Médiation de l’Europe, de la Méditerranée et du Moyen Orient (CEM). In Italy since 2009, CEM materially contributed to the development and evolution of Mediation in civil and commercial matters being at the forefront of the mediation movement in the Country which gained wide popularity with the entry into force, in 2010, of national legislation implementing EU Directive 52/2008. In the past 60 years CEAM has represented a benchmark in the area of Arbitration and Mediation in both National and cross-borders civil and commercial disputes. In Mediation, its activity focused on the dissemination of information and the deployment of quality training designed upon request and in cooperation with several Public Institutions, Bar Associations, Chambers of Commerce and Universities.



E-Mail: cem@centrodimediazione.org


Centre de Médiation de l’Europe de la Méditerranée et du Moyen Orient
Via Padre R. Giuliani, 263/A –
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