About the institution

Me.Dia.Re. is an Italian non-profit organization working since 2001 in the field of Mediation and Conflict Management. The association works in partnership with public and private bodies, NGOs and companies. Me.Dia.Re developed a theoretical and practical model that is extensively described in books and articles authored by its members and it is implemented in training, supervision, and consultancy. The model is based on a wide experience in the field in Family Mediation, Penal Mediation, Mediation of Social Conflicts (with a focus on the effects of the Economic Crisis and, from 2020, of the Pandemic) as well as in Psychological Support Services for victims of crime, for women victims of violence and for refugees and asylum seekers. Moreover, Me.Dia.Re. has developed a strong expertise in Mediation in healthcare, and in Conflict Management in the corporate environment.

Since 2004, Me.Dia.Re. provides a two-year Master’s degree in Family Mediation (for family mediator certification according to the UNI 11644 standard) and Restorative Justice and Penal, Labour and Healthcare Mediation, that is based on its Mediation model.

Me.Dia.Re. is also recognized by the Italian Ministry of Healthcare as a training institution for healthcare professionals on the topic of conflicts prevention and management.



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Me.Dia.Re. (Mediazione Dialogo Relazione)
Via Buniva, 9bis/d
10124 Torino


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