Flora Bacso

About the trainer

I have always been interested how people can connect better with each other, even in difficult times, seeing conflicts as opportunities for building better cooperation. Starting as a teacher of English and French, I graduated as a mediator at the University of Miskolc in 2013, then became a Restorative Practices facilitator and trainer in 2018. Restorative Practices and mediation complement each other perfectly, empowering clients to express their needs, interests and emotions and hearing the other parties out. Throughout my work as a trainer and conflict resolution professional, I have trained professionals working in the social, education and business sector, and have been supporting individuals, families and communities. Becoming a Hand in Hand Parenting instructor in 2019 helped me to master a trauma-informed approach and gain a deeper understanding of how our emotions work from age 0-100+, helping me support clients and understanding conflict dynamics even better.