FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to the most common questions regarding the training:

The application phase has ended - what can I do?

We’re sorry, the application phase for the pilot program of our European Mediation Training is closed for now. We will evaluate the program afterwards and then decide on how we will conduct the program in the future. However, you can join our newsletter to get informed about all upcoming trainings, programs or offers in the meantime! Moreover, feel free to have a look at the national mediation programs offered by our local partners which you can find in this overview.

Do I have to travel to all locations of the training?

No. You only have to attend 2 modules onsite (Module Amsterdam and Module Turin, the first and the last module). We highly recommend to travel to as many locations as possible – ideally six locations. But you can also attend 4 classes in a hybrid format – online.

What does this training cost?

This is a pioneer project funded by the European Union Erasmus+ Program. For this first training, the participation is free! You only have to commit to cover the travel expenses like flights, meals etc.

What certification will I receive after completion of this training?

Once you have completed the training, you receive the IN-MEDIAS certification and are eligible to become a mediator in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Hungary and the Netherlands.

Learn more about country-specific certification regulations >>

What is new about this training?

This training allows you not only to be an expert on mediation within your own national context but in different European countries training with participants located all around Europe.

What is the structure of this training?

The training consists of 200 hours divided into several modules. You can find more in the How it Works - Section above.

What is the format of this training?

The training is a hybrid format and takes place onsite (in 6 different countries), online and hybrid.

What happens if I cannot attend one module?

You must attend 130 hours of training. We will track everyone’s attendance.

What if COVID restrictions do not allow me to travel?

If COVID restricts your travel you can attend online (online and onsite sessions).

Still got questions?

Please head over to our FAQ-site. There you will find a contact form to pose your question. If it is relevant for everyone, we will add it to the FAQ-list.

Still got questions?

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